Telegram vs WhatsApp: Why Many Believe Telegram Holds the Upper Hand

In our digital era, the competition between messaging apps is fierce and a debate is always going on between Telegram vs WhatsApp but WhatsApp and Telegram both have their legions of loyalists, an increasing wave of digital savants are casting their vote for Telegram. Let’s demystify the reasons behind this growing preference.

1. Space Management

In contrast to WhatsApp,  whеrе all of thе mеdia filеs (including imagеs,  vidеos,  audio,  and documеnts) that you sеnd or rеcеivе arе storеd in phonе mеmory and rеmain thеrе until you manually dеlеtе thеm,  all of thе mеdia filеs in Tеlеgram arе storеd on sеrvеrs and you can choosе how long you want to kееp thеm thеrе bеforе thеy arе pеrmanеntly dеlеtеd from your phonе mеmory but rеmain thеrе for you to accеss as nееdеd.

2. Channel features

Create a channel in Telegram and invite others by just entering their Telegram username (a mobile number is not required). Participants can also join your Telegram channel by simply clicking an invitation link. Telegram is a better option for those who are concerned about privacy and do not want to share their cell number because neither users nor administrators can view anyone’s mobile number.

3. Privacy when contacting unknown

Telegram vs WhatsApp

If you want to get in touch with someone, you don’t even need their phone number—just their username on Telegram—and you can talk, make audio or video calls, and even remove the history of previous conversations on both ends using your Telegram account.

4. For Older Media Files and chat

If you remove a WhatsApp media file from your phone’s memory, you will no longer be able to access it after a few days. However, with Telegram, all chat and media files are stored in the cloud at the servers, so you may access them even ten years after you first downloaded the app.

5. Secret chat

A self-delete timer can be set in this form of end-to-end encrypted communication. Once the timer is off, the messages will be unintentionally destroyed.

6. Media files compressibility

Users can choose whether to deliver the media file compressed or uncompressed.

7. The Magic of Telegram Bots

Telegram’s bots elevate the user experience by introducing multitasking features, from setting reminders to engaging in games, setting it apart.

Drawing Conclusions: The Messaging Crown

While both WhatsApp and Telegram present compelling cases, it’s clear that when it comes to adaptability, creative features, and enhanced security, Telegram seems to be the crowd favorite. As we navigate the expanding digital landscape, platforms that keep innovating and prioritize user interests will continue to stand out. Presently, Telegram is shining bright in that arena.


How does Telegram’s security measures compare to WhatsApp?

While both offer encrypted messaging, Telegram goes a step further with its “secret chats” feature, ensuring messages are only accessible to the involved parties.

Can I log into Telegram from various devices at once?

Absolutely. Telegram’s design allows simultaneous access from multiple devices.

What makes bots on Telegram unique?

Telegram’s bots can handle tasks ranging from reminders to real-time assistance, adding dimensions to the platform that WhatsApp currently doesn’t offer.

Are there features unique to WhatsApp when compared to Telegram?

Both platforms have their distinctive offerings. Some users might appreciate WhatsApp’s status updates, whereas others could find Telegram’s customizable themes more enticing.

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