10 Awesome, Weird, and Useful Gadgets That You Must Try in 2024


In today’s fast-paced world, gadgets play a crucial role in making our lives easier, more convenient, and sometimes even more fun! With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, there’s always something new and exciting hitting the market.

Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just someone who loves trying out the latest innovations and gadgets, there’s something out there for everyone. So, here are 10 awesome, weird, and useful gadgets that you must try in 2024.

10 Awesome, Weird and Useful Gadgets

Book Light Panel

This product is specially designed for book lovers who always pass their free time by reading books.

If you are sitting in a low-light area and there is no option for more light or you don’t want to disturb others, then this product will be very helpful for you.

Just switch on the power button and align it with your book, and then you can easily read your book without any additional lamp or light.

book light panel for book lovers

Lazy Reader Glasses

This product is very helpful for those who want to watch TV, operate a mobile device, or read a book while lying in bed without putting stress on their neck.

This product is helpful for those who have back problems, are confined to bed, are bedridden, or cannot sit up straight.

lazy reader glasses

Metashot Bat

This product is specially designed for game lovers who wish to play cricket on TV or mobile and want to experience it in real time.

In the box, you’ll receive a wireless bat that can be charged and one cable with which you can connect your TV to your smartphone.

To set up this device, just download their Metashot application on your smartphone and connect it to your TV by the cable you received in the box.

Now, after setting up the device, you just need to press a button on this bat, and the game will start. The bowler will bowl you, and after pressing that button, you’ll hit this ball in real time with a metashot bat, and it will appear that the player playing on TV is you.

metashot bat for game lovers

4-in-1 G Lamp

This device comes with many features. A RGB lamp that looks very futuristic when you place it on your computer table.

You can set an alarm in it. It comes with good speakers with which you can play songs by connecting it to Bluetooth.

It also comes with a wireless charging facility. You can charge your smartphone through it with a wireless charging facility.

4-in-1 G Lamp

Digital Spoon Scale

This product is specially designed for chefs or cooks who wish to measure every spice while cooking food.

It is basically a weighing spoon with an LCD display. Whenever you take something from this spoon, it’ll display the weight of that material so that you can put an accurate amount of spices in every dish or food.

Digital Spoon Scale

Electric Lunch Box

If you are one of those who carry lunch box daily in your office and there is no microwave facility and you don’t like the cold food.

So this product will solve your problem, and you can eat hot food daily as it is freshly prepared.

This electric lunch box comes with a cable that can be connected to a plug, and your food will be heated by electricity in just a few minutes.

Electric Lunch Box

Havells Zella Water Heater

In winter, if you are dependent on immersion rods for heating water for baths, then surely you’ll experience some of the problems, like safety or the chance of plastic melting, if the immersion rod directly comes into contact with the plastic bucket.

So this product is here for heating water with 100% safety, with no chance of electric shock and no chance of plastic melting in the plastic bucket.

Just open it by stretching both sides and placing it in the middle of the bucket. It comes with an auto-cut-off and temperature-setting knob.

After using it, you can close it from both sides without even touching the rod.

Havells Zella Water Heater

Voice Changer

This product is for those who want to prank their friends or family members by changing the voice to female or male with just one click.

Connect this device to your smartphone using the aux cable that comes with it. Now connect your earphones to this device and click the button for the required voice, then call anyone whom you want to prank.

voice Changer for prank calling

XECH Digi Fold (Calculator with Writing Pad)

This is basically a calculator that comes with a writing pad facility.

Sometimes you are doing lots of calculations, but you can’t remember the numbers of previous calculations, so you need to note those numbers separately somewhere else.

In this product, a digital pen and writing pad are attached to the calculator, where you can write anything while doing complex calculations without using an additional copy pen.

XECH Digi Fold Calculator with Writing Pad

Agaro Multi-Cook Kettle

The electric kettle is a very famous appliance nowadays for making tea or boiling water, but this product is an upgraded version of the electric kettle where you can cook many things.

From steam momos to boiling eggs to cooking vegetables, everything is possible with this device.

This product is very useful for travel purposes or for students who are living in hostels where there is no gas cylinder or gas stove.

Agaro Multi-Cook Kettle


The world of gadgets is full of surprises; these 10 awesome, weird, and useful gadgets are sure to make your life more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable in 2024 and beyond.

Whether you’re looking for an electric lunch box for the office or a gaming gadget for next-level gaming purposes, there’s something for everyone on this list. 

So why wait? Dive into the world of innovation and discover the endless possibilities that these gadgets have to offer! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Thank you.

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