13 Hidden features of WhatsApp that you must know in 2024


In a world where communication is at our fingertips, WhatsApp continues to be a go-to platform for connecting with friends and family. While many of us are familiar with its basic features, there are several hidden gems that can enhance your messaging experience.

Let’s dive into the 13 must-know hidden features of WhatsApp in 2024.

13 Hidden Features of WhatsApp in 2024

Email Verification

Till now, if you want to login or switch from one mobile to another, you need phone verification (OTP) to set up WhatsApp, but what if you don’t have that phone or SIM for OTP? Now this verification can be done through an email address.

Just add your email address to your WhatsApp account, and then you can login to WhatsApp anywhere from the OTP, which you will receive in email.

How to Add an Email Address to Your WhatsApp Account?

Go to Settings > Account > Email Address.

how to add an email address to your WhatsApp account

Screen Sharing on Video calls

Let’s suppose you want to explain something on your phone or teach something to someone. Then you don’t need the Zoom app or Google Meet to share the screen; now you can share the screen on your WhatsApp video call.

Just click on the Share screen icon while doing a WhatsApp video call.

how to share screen in WhatsApp video call

Send HD Photos and Videos

One feature that WhatsApp lacks behind other messaging apps is that you can’t send HD photos and videos in original quality.

Earlier, when you sent photos and videos, WhatsApp automatically compressed them by decreasing the resolution and quality to make them smaller in size, but now you can send photos and videos in their original quality, even in 4K.

How to send HD photos and videos in WhatsApp?

While sending photos and videos, click on the HD icon, then choose the HD option.

how to send HD photos and videos in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Channels

The Telegram messaging app is very popular because of the Channels feature, but now WhatsApp has also introduced the Channels feature.

Now you can join any channel of your favourite creator, or you can even make a WhatsApp channel for a community.

How to access WhatsApp channels?

Just update the app; you’ll find the Channels option below the Status. You can find channels or create a WhatsApp channel by clicking “+”.

how to access WhatsApp channels

Use Multiple Accounts in One WhatsApp Application

If you have two or more WhatsApp accounts, then earlier you couldn’t use them on one mobile device, but now you can use two or more WhatsApp accounts in one WhatsApp application, similar to Instagram.

How to use multiple accounts in one WhatsApp application?

Go to Settings, click the arrow button (right side of your name), then add an account.

how to use multiple accounts in one WhatsApp application

Video Messages

You have tried sending audio messages if the message is long, but now you can also send 60-second video messages.

By default, this feature is off. To enable video messages Go to Settings > Chats > Instant Video Messages.

how to enable instant video messages in WhatsApp

Now you can send video messages in the same way as audio messages.

video Messages in WhatsApp

Transfer Chats Directly

If you are shifting from one mobile to another, then you can transfer your chat backup directly with a single click without using Google Drive.

How to transfer chats directly in WhatsApp?

Go to Settings > Chats > Transfer Chats.

how to transfer chats directly in WhatsApp

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Download and View your WhatsApp Data Report

Now you can request Meta (the WhatsApp owner company) to send all your data—photos, videos, etc.—in a zip file.

Just go to Settings > Account > Request Account Info.

how to request data in WhatsApp

How to WhatsApp without saving a number

Sometimes you need to send a WhatsApp message to a number that is not saved in your contact list, then you manually save that number in your contact list and send a message, but there is a direct method.

Just type this: http://wa.me/91XXXXXXXXXX in your browser, then enter. (XX = mobile number)

Bold, Italic, Monospace, and Strikethrough fonts in Chat

If you want to highlight something in your chat, then you can even change the text style.

For bold, put an asterisk (*) on each side of the text.

For italic, put an underscore (_) on each side of the text.

For strikethrough, put a tilde (~) on each side of the text.

For monospace, put three backticks (“`) on each side of the text.

bold italic Monospace Strikethrough text style in WhatsApp

Sometimes, for privacy issues, you don’t want your WhatsApp images and videos to show up in Gallery. You can disable this option so your WhatsApp media files won’t be visible in Gallery.

How to Stop Images and Videos from Appearing in Your Gallery?

Go to Settings > Chats > Disable Media Visibility.

how to stop whatsapp Images and Videos from appearing in your gallery

Bookmark important Messages

Some messages in your WhatsApp chats are so important that you need them frequently, like addresses, pins, mobile numbers, etc. It is very hectic to find those messages when you need them, so there is a feature by which you can mark those messages as favourites and then access them with a single click.

How to bookmark important messages?

Just tap and hold a message, then click star.

how to Bookmark important messages in WhatsApp

Now click starred messages to access those messages in one place.

how to see starred messages in WhatsApp

Pin a chat to the top of the screen

It is obvious that some people in your WhatsApp chat are very important, like family, friends, or teachers, but if you get a lot of messages in your WhatsApp, then you have to scroll or search to find those people.

To solve this issue, you can pin a maximum of three chats to the top of your WhatsApp chat, so next time you don’t need to find those chats by scrolling or searching.

How to Pin a Chat to the Top of the Screen?

First, tap and hold the chat, then click the pin icon at the top of the screen.

how to pin a chat to the top of the screen in WhatsApp


These hidden features enhance your WhatsApp experience, adding versatility to your messaging in 2024. By exploring and using these functionalities, you can make your interactions more effective, personalized, and enjoyable.

Unlocking these hidden features revolutionizes your WhatsApp experience, making messaging more efficient and tailored to your preferences. Stay tuned for updates as WhatsApp continues to evolve with exciting new features on the horizon.

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