From Clueless to Expert: How to Delete a Google Account in 8 Comprehensive Steps!

Google is a tech giant which controls our digital life by providing services like gmail, drive, YouTube etc. But what if you want to delete a Google account for any reasons? In this blog post we will talk about the process for “How to delete a Google Account” in 8 easy steps.

Why would you want to delete a Google Account?

  1. Privacy concerns: Because of privacy issues, you may occasionally discover that part of your data is not to be in a Google account.
  2. Storage Issues: Google only offers about 15GB of storage for a single account. Once your storage is full, you have to make recurring monthly payments of a certain amount. You might wish to switch because you’ve found a better service.
  3. Redundant Accounts: To make your life and phone management easier, you may have multiple Google accounts that you don’t need anymore.

Steps for “How to delete a Google Account”

Step-1 Back up your data

Before deleting a Google Account let’s make sure to backup your important data.

1. Google Takeout

Google’s tool that helps you to download all your data from emails to photos everything.

2. Using third party Applications

You can use other third party Applications for backing up your data. For example- For Google drive files you can backup those files in Mega app.

Step-2 Sign in to your Google Account

To delete your Google account, first you will need to login. Visit homepage and click “Sign in”. Enter your credentials and click “Next” to proceed

Step-3 Go to Account Deletion page

After signing, click on the display pic of your Google account in upper right corner. Then you will see a option “Manage your Google account” click on it. Now you will see a “Data and privacy tab” on the left hand side, click on it, you will be directed to data and privacy settings.

Google account

Step-4 Find “Delete your Google Account”

In Data and privacy settings scroll down, you’ll find “delete your Google account” in More options section.

how to delete a Google Account

Step-5 Select “Delete your Google account”

Click on “Delete your Google Account”. It may ask you Password of your Google Account.

Step-6 Review the Account delete Information

Before deletion of your account, Google will show you important information about consequences of deleting a Google Account.

Step-7 Verify your Identity

For security reasons Google wants to verify your identity, it will ask your password again and verification code which you will receive on your number that is linked with your Google Account.

Step-8 Delete your Google Account

After filling the verification code, make sure you have backuped up all your data then hit the “Delete Account” button.
Congratulations! You have successfully deleted your Google Account.


Deleting a Google Account might seen a difficult task at first, but by following the step by step guide of this blog post, you will be able to do it very easily. Remember before deleting your Google Account, backup all your data emails, contacts, photos, documents that you have stored in your account.


Why would someone want to delete their Google Account?

There can be several reasons ranging from privacy concerns to simplifying one’s online presence. Some users might also create multiple accounts over time and later decide to consolidate or reduce them.

What happens to my emails in Gmail once I delete my Google Account?

When you delete your Google Account, all associated data including your Gmail emails will be permanently deleted. Make sure to back up any essential data before proceeding.

Can I still use other Google services without a Google Account?

Some Google services, like Google Search, can be used without a Google Account. However, personalized services like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos require an account for access.

If I delete my Google Account, will it also delete my YouTube account?

Yes. Since YouTube accounts are linked to Google Accounts, deleting your Google Account will also remove your YouTube channel and all its associated content.

Will deleting my Google Account impact my Google Play purchases?

Yes. If you delete your Google Account, you’ll lose access to purchased apps, movies, games, and other content on Google Play.

Can I create a new Google Account with the same email address in the future?

No, once the email address is associated with a deleted Google Account, it cannot be reused to create a new Google Account.

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