How Paytm Cashback Points Work: An In-Depth Look at Earning and Using Points


India’s top platform for digital payments and financial services is Paytm. Paytm started out as a platform for recharges and bill payments, but it has since grown into one of the best and most dependable platform for financial services and digital payments.

When you do transactions on Paytm, you will either get Paytm cashback or Paytm cashback points. But what’s the difference between these two? Why is Paytm shifting its rewarding system from Paytm Cashback to Paytm Cashback Points?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the full, detailed tutorial on how to earn Paytm cashback points. How do I redeem Paytm cashback points? How do Paytm cashback points work?

What are Paytm cashback points?

Paytm cashback points are a new rewarding system to earn rewards in the Paytm app for doing transactions or completing some activities.

Sometimes Paytm cashback points are random, or sometimes cashback points are fixed according to the specific offers available at that time.

Why is Paytm heading towards Paytm cashback points from Paytm cashback?

Paytm previously offered cashback on all transactions. This is just because Paytm wants to pull every customer interested in digital payments, but offering big cashbacks over the long run is unsustainable. Paytm is now offering cashback points since offering 500 cashback points seems better than offering 5 rupees in cashback.

How Paytm cashback points work?

When we do transactions on the Paytm app, we get Paytm cashback points. These cashback points can now be utilised for many rewards. Let’s discuss all methods to earn Paytm cashback points and the different rewards available in exchange for these cashback points.

How to earn Paytm cashback points?

There are many ways to earn Paytm cashback points. I’ll explain to you all the methods to earn Paytm cashback points.

If you are doing any transactions on the Paytm app, make sure you have checked the “cashback and offers” section. If you find any offer related to your transaction, just activate it so you will earn exclusive cashback or cashback points according to the offers available at that time.

Paytm cashback & offers

Different methods for earning Paytm cashback points:

  • Recharge and bill payment
  • Booking flights, hotels, and movie tickets
  • Send money
  • Merchant Payment
  • Seasonal Campaigns: In the Paytm App, exclusive campaigns are running occasionally, like in Diwali, Holi, Monsoon, Cricket Tournament, etc. In these campaigns, you will get a special card for specific transactions. In order to get cashback or cashback points, you need to earn all cards of any raw or all cards of a campaign.How Paytm Cashback Points work
  • Adding money to the Paytm wallet
  • Shopping at Paytm Mall

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How to redeem Paytm cashback points

To redeem your Paytm cashback points, click on “Cashback points” in the “Cashback & Offers” section. Now a page opens in which so many options are available for redeeming the cashback points. Some of them are:

How to redeem Paytm cashback points
  • Paytm Gift cards: You can convert Paytm Cashback points for Paytm Gift Cards. As of October 2023, 1100 cashback points are equivalent to 10 Rupee Paytm Gift Cards.
  • OTT Subscriptions: Sonyliv, Zee5, and Amazon Prime are just a few of the OTT services that are available. These subscriptions are redeemable with cashback points.
  • Popular Deals: For almost all E-commerce sites, there are a tonne of deals available. Paytm cashback points can be used to take advantage of these deals.
  • Brand Gift cards: If you want to use your Paytm cashback points on other platforms, gift cards are available for companies like Flipkart, Amazon, Swiggy, Myntra, Domino’s, Uber, etc.
  • Play and Win Jackpot Deals: By utilising a minimal number of cashback points, you can take part in jackpot deals. Cars, iPhones, TVs, smart watches, and other items are among the jackpot deal prizes.

How to convert Paytm cashback points to money?

There is no direct way to convert Paytm cashback points to money. However, if you want to make recharges, bill payments, or purchases on websites like Swiggy, Zomato, Blinkit, Flipkart, or any other website that accepts Paytm wallet payments, you can use your cashback points to convert them into Paytm Gift Cards, which you can use to make purchases anywhere that accepts Paytm wallet payments, or you can convert your cashback points to convert gift card for those websites.


Cashback offers and rewards encourage more people to shift towards digital payments, which will make our economy more digital and transparent. Paytm has contributed a lot to our digital economy.

But in this competitive field where Phonepe and Google Pay offer similar types of services, Paytm is still ahead because of its unique rewarding system.

This blog post information is according to the timeline of October 2023. The future rewarding system may change according to the company’s strategy.

Let’s see how Paytm manages to offer such rewards in the future to engage more users on their platform.


What is the maximum cashback points i can earn in a day?

Typically, There is no daily limit. But specific offer has maximum cashback point limit.

Can I transfer my cashback points to someone else?

No, currently there is no option for that.

Do all transactions qualify for cashback points?

Most do, but always check offer section for real time update.

How much is 1000 cashback points in paytm?

Right now 1100 cashback points worth 10Rs in paytm.

How soon are cashback points credited to my account?

Usually, its instant. But some offers might have a waiting period and also it depends on real time traffic for a specific offer.

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